It IS possible to thrive in midlife.

Do you feel like you have no control of what's going on in your body?

There is another way.

You don't have to suffer...
and it's easier than you think.

Hi, I'm Tonya.

I get it. Perimenopause hit me hard too. Night sweats, anxiety, stubborn weight gain. It’s not a good time. 

But I refused to suffer.

And I don’t want you to either.

I’m passionate about helping women over 40 improve their health, lose weight, gain energy and find balance in the chaos. 



I am here to help you thrive in midlife.

Finding Balance after 40

A 6-month deep dive program

3 simple steps to help you thrive in midlife:

Step 1

to discuss
your custom program.

Step 2

Take a deep dive into symptoms, uncover obstacles and reset your body.

Step 3

Experience a sense of balance, renewed energy, focus and vitality.

Want more info on how to thrive in midlife?

FREE 3-day Hormone Recovery Guide

Step out of the struggle and find your midlife bliss.

Downloadable PDF includes:
• Stress Reduction Tips
• Toxic Product Swaps
• Eating for Hormone Health

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